Monday, July 23, 2012

Practicum - Teacher Tips (part 2)


Handshake Q & A

Sign Language

Positive Discipline

Quieting the Class

Using a Fishbowl

Discussion Questions

  • How much do you emphasize an ‘essential question’ for each lesson?
  • How do you get students motivated about the lesson?
  • What percentage of class time do you ‘lecture’?  What percentage do you have student engage in activities?  What is optimal?
  • How do you encourage students to take useful notes and/or use graphic organizers for learning retention?
  • What are the ‘non-negotiables’ in your school and/or class?

From:  Teaching Tips: Leading Classroom Discussions

  • In what ways are you an entertainer?
  • How do you (can you) attempt to keep the students’ attention?

From: Handshake Q & A
  • How do you (can you) connect with the students?
  • How do you reinforce previous learning?

From: Quieting the Class
  • How do you quiet the classroom?

From: Fishbowl
  • How do you encourage metalearning in the classroom?

Sign Language/Gestures
  • What gestures do you use in your class?
  • How do you stay focused on your teaching tasks and avoid distractions?


  • What systems of behavior management/discipline do you use in your school and class?

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